Friday, 25 May 2012

Makes for Market #1

Tomorrow I do my first ever craft fair.
I have never tried to sell anything that I've made before, so tomorrow is a test.
I've not blogged about what I've been making for some time, so here it is... this is what has kept me busy.

My husband kindly made this "twig" stand to hang the owls on...

... Peg bag and pincushions ...

... baby slippers and greetings cards  ....

... hair clips ...

... "Ha-peas" ...

... Brooches and Organic cotton make-up remover pads ...

.... coin purses ...

Fingers crossed

Have a super weekend

Love Katie


P.S I haven't had time to visit all the lovely blogs I follow just lately. If I've not "popped in" for a while, I promise I will soon. I've not forgotten about any of you! Lots of Love. x


  1. Hello Katie
    Everything looks so well presented and beautiful . I would be immediately drawn to your stall. there's not a single thing there I'd turn my nose up at I assure you. Do hope you are super successful in your new endeavour . good luck! and I hope you will be telling us how you got on in when you can

    Amanda :-)

  2. Good luck Katie - and hope you make lots of sales, you deserve to after all of your hard work.

  3. Hi Katie!
    Thanks for your kind comments over at mine.
    I hope you do well at the craft fair- and you should do- your makes are really lovely, especially those super-cute owls!
    It's funny, I've been using those big luggage tags to display my hair clips and brooches too- great minds eh?!!
    Have a lush weekend.

  4. Such pretty things and so professionally laid too, love the owls and peas bestest of all, I am sure I made some peas years and years ago, not crochet of course as I *still* can't manage it!

    Good luck with your fair, wish I was closer and could come along xxx

  5. Hi Katie, Oh my! Wow-wee! You have created some incredibly beautiful goodies! I so wish I was able to come to your fair! I would love to get my paws on any of your creations, especially your 'hoot hoots', that's what mini magpie calls owls, her nursery is starting to full up with them. Have a super duper day, good luck and can't wait to hear how you get on, very excited for you love RM xx

  6. Best of luck with your craft fair Katie. Your items are adorable and I am sure they will sell in a flash!! Happy weekend!

  7. Thanks for joining me Katie. What gorgeous things you make xx

  8. Love your makes Katie - especially the Ha-peas'! Wishing you all the best, I'm sure you will do fab! xx

  9. Good luck Katie. I love the things you have made to sell and I'm sure your stall will be very popular. I love the cards xx

  10. Hi katie,
    I'm sure you must have done well at your craft sale, everything you have produced looks wonderful!
    Sarah x

  11. Hi sweet Katie, I LOVE every gorgeous thing you have made sweetie! You are so talented and creative!!! Have you considered opening an Etsy shop? I am so excited for you and I know you will do very well at the fair! It will be fun and your good sales will encourage you to do more! The owls are so sweet and it was very kind of your hubby to make a twig to display them on. It is perfect! The peg bag and cushions are darling! You are a crochet queen dear! The baby slippers are cute and will keep sweet, little feet warm and cozy, not to mention very fashionable! The greeting cards and hair clips are beautiful! Oh, those peas are so sweet and put a smile on my face! The bow brooches are lovely, and I love that you used organic cotton for the makeup remover pads! The coin purses are beautiful too! Truly, I love every single thing your sweet hands have so lovingly made! I wish I could attend the fair! I look forward to hearing all about it! Best wishes to you darling girl! Have fun sweetie! Sending you a hug across the pond and cheering you on! Much love, Paula xo

  12. Hi Katie!
    Good luck at the fair. I am sure you will sell loads! :)
    Love all your makes, specially the peas in the pod.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  13. it all looks wonderful! Good luck - I am sure you will do really well x

  14. Wow - some gorgeous makes. Best wishes, Pj x

  15. All your makes look gorgeous. I really like the peas in their pods. Ali x