Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A wonderful Workshop ...

... and a new addiction!

A few weeks ago during a day out at my favourite National Trust House. I met a lovely lady making sculptures in the Gallery. When she said we could attend a workshop and create a sculpture of our own, I realised what my Dad would be getting for Father's Day!

So at the weekend Dad and I went along to a workshop, got messy, ate a lovely lunch and created our own sculptures. 

I wish I knew how to erase "rugby arms!"
 Dad enjoying the messy
 My nearly finished sculpture, she's got lots of drying to do yet.

Drying out on a windowsill at home.

The sculptures are made using fabric and resin. You start by making a wire skeleton, adding muscle and shape using metal foil, then finally wrapping and "dressing" your sculpture. I choose lots of lacy bits for mine. The resin is completely waterproof and weatherproof once dry. Once mine has dried completely I'll give her another coat of resin, then she'll dry a lovely bronze colour. She's then "move house" and live in my bathroom.

Thanks for dropping by.

Love Katie 

Monday, 25 June 2012

From Shabby to Chic #4

My fav so far...

For a while now I'm been itching to get rid of a yucky bit of furniture in our Bathroom.
We need something in there, to store towels and bits and bobs in, so I had been looking around for something new.

Then I remembered this chest of draws my Mum and Dad had given me a few months back. This had been in there bedroom for years (in fact it's been with them longer then any of us have and my elder sister is 34!)

Any way I had it tucked away in the spare room, until I realised it would be just right for the job...

Tah Dah!

(please excuse the toilet rolls! A bit of an essential in the bathroom though, I'm sure you will agree.)

I know before I had a little moan about the Annie Sloan paint I brought, well I take it all back. This time I did the painting indoors (not in the blazing heat of our only hot day) and it made life a lot easier.

I used Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue. A quick smudge of wax on top and some polished oak draw knobs (again a total freebies, Dad had them in his stash.)

perfect to sort all our bathroom-y stuff in.

Have a great week Ladies.

Lots of Love

Katie xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Jar of Love Swap partners!!!

Two post in one day!!
I know that's not like me at all... but I couldn't contain my excitement!

Any way, I know the Jar of Love swap was to be open until the end of the month, but I have closed it early. This will give you all a little longer to get your goodies ready to send to your partners.

As you know this is my first time hosting a swap and I'm gobsmacked that 30 people entered!!
So thanks you all so much for joining in and I'm sure well have lots of fun!

With no further ado, the partners are as follows:

Marina & Me

Beki & Me

Phew that was a lot of linking!!!

I hope I haven't missed anyone or made a booboo somewhere.

So ladies, off you go to "meet" your partners.

Parcels are to be sent by end July/Beginning August.

Don't forget to count the number of DIFFERENT items you put in, there will a little surprise for the person who crams in the most different goodies. (so for example, if you put in a bag of buttons that's one, each button does not count! If you put in two pairs of ear rings that's just one too! etc etc etc.)

Please email or comment on this post with your total if you wish to be entered for the surprise.
If I don't hear from you by 1st August your total won't count sorry.

Please check out the original Swap post for more details.

Thanks again Ladies and Enjoy.

Love Katie xxxx

From Shabby to Chic #3

A month or two ago I posted about this blanket box I brought.

It just needed a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up.
The base of the box was abit grubby and marked...

... Before

... and After.

I used Rustoleum primer and Heirloom white to spray the base and left the lid as was.

I picked up this pin board for just £1 in a Charity shop. I thought it would be useful in the craft room, but it needed a bit of a face lift first.

... Before

.... and After.

For this I used paint left over from recent bedside cupboard makeover. I hot glued buttons to flat drawing pins and ta-dah! Finished!
It is now the home for all the cards and letters I have been lucky enough to receive from my lovely bloggy friends.

Lots of Love

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Huge swap parcel round up...

As you probably have noticed by now, I love swaps. I love gathering together and making goodies that I think my partners will like, and must also be said that there is nothing  more exciting than receiving a special parcel full of  surprises! Every time it feels like Christmas.

I have been busy lately with lots of lovely swaps and have received lots of beautiful things.

Here goes ...

The God Save the Queen Swap hosted by Lynda at Hookin' With Laalaa

I was partnered with the lovely Heather at The Patchwork Heart.
Heather is extremely talented, she makes such beautiful gifts and goodies, pop over and say Hi if you've not met Heather before, she's well worth a visit!

Here is what I received ...

... All beautifully wrapped in shining red and blue wrap, with ribbons and bows.
Heather's handmade bunting, rag wreath and a pretty flower pin badge.
Some yummy chocs (they didn't even make the picture..oops), a union jack memo pad, pack of bunting/UJ themed cards, UJ napkins (which we used for our jubilee picnic) and Official emblem teatowels!!!

I was utterly spoilt by Heather and am extremely grateful. She put in so much effort. I can't thank her enough.

I sent ....

A handmade (although I confess not by me!) blue and white apron, my handmade notelets and gift tags, a tea party brooch (made by me), a tin of red/white/blue straws, bunting socks, jubilee stamp, UJ notebooks, some sweeties and a UJ card I made.

I really enjoyed this swap and Heather was such a lovely partner.


Next up was the Pincushion swap hosted by Rach at House of Pinheiro

I was partnered with Jenny at The String Empire

Both Rach and Jenny have really inspiring blogs, go on... say Hello!

Here's what I sent ...

A crocheted strawberry pincushion (by me), colourful pins, a sewn card and a mini sewing set.
Wrapped in pink candy stripes.

And I received the cutest Watermelon pincushion from Jenny and a really lovely letter.

It's funny how we both decided to go for a fruity theme! Great minds think alike!
Thanks Jenny for being a lovely partner for this swap.


And finally last but not least. I joined the "Free for all" Swap hosted by Beki.
I was partnered with sweet Rae at Felt By Rae.
Rae's is one of my favourite blogs and I have been lucky enough to be partnered with her before in a Afternoon Tea swap.
I thought I would have a good idea of what she liked. I hope I got it right!

I sent...

A cupcake recipe book and bun cases, some of my handmade notelets and gift tags, a crocheted lavender heart and handmade knitted brooch, a "mousey" sewing kit, iron on embroidered patches, a wind chime for Rae to decorate, some button earrings and ring I made, a Laura Ashley teddy and some sweeties.
All wrapped with a bit of a pink theme. 

Here is what I received ...

... I had mentioned to Rae that I had a wedding to go to soon and I knew she made awesome fasinators! Now I have one of my own! It's totally gorgeous, with feathers, netting, silver roses with pearls inside. I really love it , my photos don't do it justice, perhaps I'll have to model it for you!
I also received lots of bright, colourful yarn, some handy storage boxes for the craft room, bun cases, magnetic picture frames (what a great idea!), sweet treats, and a  Britian badge and snap cards (for my little monster!) 

How lucky am I?!?!?
Thank you Rae. xx


Phew that was a biggy!
Be back soon.

P.S I will be closing the Jar Of Love Swap early, so if your interested, join up now before you miss out!

Love Katie xxxx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Baking mad...

Just lately I've spent an awful lot of time in the kitchen.

I've made Regal carrot cake for the Jubilee celebrations,
Queen of Puddings using a National Trust recipe,
Chocolate cake for my Sister's 21st birthday,
Vanilla cookies for the Jubilee picnic
and I made attempted a Lego brick cake for my Brother's 26th birthday!

Phew ... 

.... all are long gone now!

I little reminder about the Jar of Love swap, there is still plenty of time to enter.
The more the merrier!

Have a lovely weekend,

Love Katie 


Friday, 1 June 2012

Jar of Love Swap


As a child I remember entering a "matchbox" competition (I even think I won said competition, but my memory fails me.) Anyway the idea was to fill a matchbox with as may different items as possible and the winner was the matchbox with the most items inside.

This is the inspiration for my very first swap!

I am approaching 100 followers so wanted to celebrate ...

So here it is...

The Jar of Love Swap

The ins and outs:

You start with a jar (the size, shape, colour, material is completely up to you.)

All goodies you want to send, must fit and be inside your chosen jar.

You can decorate your jar if you wish.

Choose items you think your partner will like.
(have a "nosey" around their blog to get to know them better.)

There must be a minimum of 5 items inside.

One must be handmade.

If you would like to join in all you need do is be a follower and leave a comment on this post.
Please add the button and link to your sidebar and spread the word.
You must have a blog to enter.
The swap is open to UK bloggers only, due to rising postage costs.

The final day for entry will be 30th June 2012 and partners will be announced in the week that follows.

Parcels are to be posted by 1st August 2012.

PS. There will be a surprise gift from me for the person who sends the jars with the most goodies inside. So be sure to count as you go!


Love Katie xxx