Friday, 30 March 2012

Vintage Easter Swap

Earlier this year I took part in LissyLou's Vintage Easter Swap.

I was Partnered up with Madison of Madison Makes.

Both these lovely ladies have great blogs. Do pop over and "visit" them.

Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine my reaction when I opened my parcel to see little presents all wrapped in this gorgeous print paper. They was also two gifts wrapped in stripy paper for Charlie. Which was really sweet of Madison.

Here's my loot. The colouring book and sweet knitted chick was for Charlie. (He loved them!)

I had some beautiful pink plates, with a pretty gold trim, a tin full of Easter choccies, a pretty floral coin purse, a vintage egg cup, a hanging slate and a beautiful lavender sachet...

The dear little chick for Charlie, had a little surprise inside... a creme egg.
Isn't it the cutest? I wonder if Madison knows of my pearly beady addiction?! It must have taken ages to sew all these beads on, I love it.

This is what I sent...

I know Madison collects Vintage tableware, so I thought these little painted glasses might suit her collection. 

 I crocheted some bunting and covered a egg with fabric and embellished it with sequins.

She also had some Cath Kidston smellies, fluffy chicks, a Vintage inspired sewing kit and gift wrap set.

I really enjoyed getting the bits and bobs together for this swap. I loved the vintage theme. Thanks again to LissyLou for organising the swap and Madison for my lovely gifts.

Happy Easter!

Love Katie xxx

P.S Some of you may have noticed my blog address and name has changed. I had a few confused emails to start with, but I think everything should now be in order. So welcome everyone to Booty-Full Things! 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Too many eggs ... ?

Is it possible to have too many eggs? Personally, I think not!

Lucky for me, there's a chocolate factory in a nearby town.
Said chocolate factory has a factory shop.
Said shop has.... lots of chocolate! (really?!)
Yes! and it's cheap as chips.

I am having a get together on Saturday, with a bit of an Easter theme, that means lots of  cakes decorated with lots of eggs!

(Did you notice my cheeky little teacup, peeping around the corner? That brings me onto my next topic....)

Too many buttons?

I had a little bit of a Charity shop crawl on Saturday.
I bagged myself a HUGE bag of buttons, as well as teacups, picture frames and this pretty tapestry mat. 

I also saw a lovely jigsaw puzzle of an antique map of Britain. I bought it of course. I thought it would look great framed. That means I will  my husband will have to assemble it first, all 1250 pieces of it!
What this space... 

I'll leave you with this garland I made. I mentioned it in my last post. Im not sure about it to be honest. 
In my head it looked fab, once I'd actually made it, not so fab. It's on trial, I'll keep looking at it for a week, then I'll decide it's fate. It may be taken down and pulled to bits yet.

Happy Monday to you all.
Hope your having a great day.

Love Katie xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Stinky Little Owls ...

This week I have mostly been....

 ... Crocheting!

These little stinkers have kept me busy. I filled each owl with toy stuffing and a little lavendar filled pouch. I really love them. aren't they tweet sweet?

My husband may panic when he sees these little baby shoes. They are not for me! I started by making one little pair for a friend that's expecting, but they were so much fun to do that I went ahead and made more (I think there still might be more in me yet!) 

I'm considering making more of these, to create a garland?

This bag was a make from last week. It was really quick to do and I'm happy with the way it's turned out.

Finally, I found these little linen hankies in a charity shop a while back. Why doesn't anyone use hankies anymore? Is it a hygiene issue? I loved them, so they became mine (sat in a draw for a month or two) I then battled to get them out of the pack (there was countless pins holding them in), but now their free, they will be used and loved. 
Until next time... have a lovely weekend.

Katie xxx 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Afternoon tea swapsies

This post is long overdue. I took part in my first swap earlier this year and really loved it. This "Afternoon tea"
 swap was hosted by Jewel's.

I was lucky enough to be paired up with the lovely Rae from FeltByRae

You can probably imagine how I squealed when my swap parcel arrived, filled with these goodies.
I received some Duchy's shortbread, a lavender sachet made by Rae, a bundle of pretty fabrics, beads and crafty goodies, a handmade brooch/necklace by Rae, Cath Kidston napkins and some silicon cupcake molds.

Every came looking so pretty, wrapped in lovely bright papers. I had to contain my excitement while I took this photo. I couldn't wait to see what was inside.

This is what I sent:
A piggy tea cosy, crocheted mini bunting I made, some Dr. Stuarts tea, Fimo cupcake trinket boxes made by me, a darling miniature teapot, cupcake flag made by me and some tea themed gift tags and cards I stamped.

I hope Rae enjoyed receiving her goodies as much as I did mine. Do "visit" Rae if you get the chance, she's extremely talented and very friendly. 

I am also taking part in Lissy Lou's vintage Easter swap. My parcel is nearly ready to go. I show you more about that soon.

Love Katie xxx

Sorry it's been a while ...

I'm sorry it's been soooooo long since I last posted.
My computer died on me weeks and weeks ago, but thankfully now we're back to normal.

My friend, Amanda came to visit yesterday. She brought with her this Daffodil crochet pattern. We spent all day fiddling with crochet hooks, trying to make sense of the pattern whilst the kiddies made lots of noise and mess!

Anyway, last night I sat down and had a proper go at it and here it is! I didn't get as far as doing the stem, but it looked pretty straight forward.

I'm pretty chuffed with the end result. Let me know what you think, Amanda! xx

When we were kids we used to have such lovely birthday cakes. I have made it an aim this year to try to bake cakes for family birthdays. Mum had a carrot cake and so did my Husband, Joe. My parents and sister, Suzie made me a lovely coffee cake for my birthday and here's Dad's cake... A lemon chiffon cake with lemon icing. Yum Yum.

I'm glad to be back and can't wait to catch up on every ones goings on..

Love Katie xx