Friday, 24 August 2012

Jar of Love swap goodies.

Hello Ladies.

Just a quick one today. Lots of pictures I'm aware and not a lot of words.
I should have posted this before now so sorry about the delay.

Anyway ...

Because of the odd number of entrants to the swap I had two partners.

Here is what I sent Marina ....

I tried to make both jars equal, so each had 26 items inside. I had read that Marina liked toadstools so had made her these little toadstool earrings and bag charm. There was a few Cath Kidston goodies in there: a keyring, soap, buttons. I made a tiny heart hanger with birdie embroidery and crocheted a pot cover to decorate the jar.

This is Beki's jar ...

Again a little more Cath Kidston. I made some button earrings and a ring too. The little cupcake charm I made out of Fimo. I notice she liked Hello Kitty so when I saw these magnets I thought they would be perfect. Again I crocheted her a pot cover for the jar.

This is what I received from Marina.

A pretty jar, wonderfully wrapped and finished with a pretty bow.
There was cupcake cases, fabric, perfume, hankies, teddy, socks, necklace, cookie cutter, lace, glitter, beads and chocolate inside (the choccy didn't live long enough to make it in the photo) !!!

Thank you Marina!!!

I am yet to receive a parcel from Beki, but if I do. I will be sure to share it with you.

Have a great weekend.

Love Katie


Monday, 20 August 2012

From Shabby to Chic #5 - The dresser gets it!

Let me introduce my dresser ...

She has been with us for a couple of years, brought from Ebay for a steal of course.
She's big, practical (you can only imagine the junk hid away inside!) but not very pretty.

I have been wanting to give her a makeover for sometime. I kept putting it off knowing it would be a big job.
But now I've finally done it...




.... aahhhhh .... that's better!
No more ginger varnish, no more faux metal handles!
Still as big and practical but pretty to boot!
What do you think?

It was a bit of a team effort, I had roped my reluctant Husband in to dismantle her and lay the sheets down for painting.
(I promised him a lie in, in return for his services.)

Using Annie Sloan Old White, I gave her two coats, then my Husband offered to take the top to the workshop and sand off all the gingery varnish! Who am I to refuse such an offer?!?
He returned home a few hours later with not only a beautifully buffed and waxed top but 6 little draw knobs too. (Do you think I owe him another lie in now?)

After spending what seemed like an age waxing the paint work (I wish he offered to do that too!).
She was finished and ready to be reassembled.

Pleased as punch with the results.

Thanks for reading ladies.

Love Katie


Friday, 17 August 2012

Lavender - ing ....

Last Sunday I spend most of the day soaking up the sunshine in the garden.
Exactly that's very rare for me indeed as the sun and I are lifelong enemies. But for one day we called a truce, he would not burn me and I would not shake my fist with rage at him.

I was desperate to get in the garden and "harvest" my Lavender.
All year I wait for the sweet scent wafting in the window and as soon as I smell it I get out there and snip it all off! (leaving some for the bees of course.)

Usually after each harvest I bunch it up and hang it all over the house to dry, but this year I had other plans.
I had pinched a book from my Mum, Garlands, Circles and Decorative Wreaths.
Such a wonderful book with lots of lovely ideas for decorations to make with goodies from the garden.
She had already bookmarked the lavender pages and I was drawn to the pretty Lavender wreaths.

So last Sunday this is what I did. I sat outside (slathered in factor 50) by my Lavender bush, trimming off the stems as I needed them. The book called for dried lavender, but to me that sounded too messy and I wanted the stems to curve around the wreath and I went. So I figured the fresher the better.
The lavender could dry once "wreathed" and I would be spared the job of cleaning up all the dropped flowers.

I survived the sun, made one large wreath that now hangs in my bathroom and two small one to dot elsewhere around the house. When the lavender is "passed best" next year I will take it off and wide some fresh stems on.

I felt very content "wreathing" my lavender in the garden.
What do you do with yours?

Happy weekend Ladies!

Love Katie


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jar of Love Competition winner ...

Firstly let me say a huge "Thank You!" to every one that entered the competition.
I have had great fun reading all your lists and marveling at your pictures.

Every one has tried so hard and has done a great job.
If I could, I would send you all a prize!!!

Any way, In no particular order here are the entrants.

Amanda @ Callaway's Creations - 46
Shelley @ All4MeggyMoo - 16
Haylie @ Rubie Magpie - 14
Eileen @ In My Playroom - 21
Gill @ Dosie Rosie - 16
Victoria @ Tangled Sweetpea - 9
Sandi @ SandiArt - 25

I'm sure you can see for yourself who the winner is!

Amanda @ Callaway's Creations!

Well done Amanda, I will get your prize in the post!

Love Katie xxx