Friday, 24 August 2012

Jar of Love swap goodies.

Hello Ladies.

Just a quick one today. Lots of pictures I'm aware and not a lot of words.
I should have posted this before now so sorry about the delay.

Anyway ...

Because of the odd number of entrants to the swap I had two partners.

Here is what I sent Marina ....

I tried to make both jars equal, so each had 26 items inside. I had read that Marina liked toadstools so had made her these little toadstool earrings and bag charm. There was a few Cath Kidston goodies in there: a keyring, soap, buttons. I made a tiny heart hanger with birdie embroidery and crocheted a pot cover to decorate the jar.

This is Beki's jar ...

Again a little more Cath Kidston. I made some button earrings and a ring too. The little cupcake charm I made out of Fimo. I notice she liked Hello Kitty so when I saw these magnets I thought they would be perfect. Again I crocheted her a pot cover for the jar.

This is what I received from Marina.

A pretty jar, wonderfully wrapped and finished with a pretty bow.
There was cupcake cases, fabric, perfume, hankies, teddy, socks, necklace, cookie cutter, lace, glitter, beads and chocolate inside (the choccy didn't live long enough to make it in the photo) !!!

Thank you Marina!!!

I am yet to receive a parcel from Beki, but if I do. I will be sure to share it with you.

Have a great weekend.

Love Katie



  1. What a lovely swap idea! I completely missed this. Lovely stuff there; sent and received! xx

  2. Oh my word - how did you manage to cram all those things into the jar? Thanks so much for organising, I appreciate how much work is involved. I hope that your other parcel must be winging its way to you. H XXX

  3. Ooh such wonderful goodies!
    Victoria xx

  4. Fab goodies, love the crocheted covers - they really finish off the jars!

    Estelle xx

  5. Looks like a fabulous swap! I am doing the autumn one at blueberry heart blog and am busy crafting at the moment!

  6. Lots of gorgeous goodies, loving the toadstools :) x

  7. What a lovely swap. I love the fimo cupcake, really cute.
    The pot covers make the jars look great. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  8. Thanks again Katie for my beautiful jar!! I was truly spoilt - I was in awe at how many gorgeous goodies you managed to get inside! :) We've been on holiday this week but will also be doing a post on the swap hopefully over the weekend xx

  9. Love the results of the swaps. I would have loved to take part, such a lovely idea xxx

  10. Hi Katie, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love the stuff you put in your swap jars. I made a few things out of fimo before, but the cupcake and toadstools are adorable. None of my things were that cute! I don't know how you fit it all in!

    Cindy Bee

  11. I did this swap, it was great wasn't it? I received lots of fabulous things, such a novel idea, I was like a kid at Christmas :) x

  12. What fun...I love this idea...I must remember this for some friends of mine. What a darling way to give a gift. Happy September. Your blog is so lovely.