Monday, 20 August 2012

From Shabby to Chic #5 - The dresser gets it!

Let me introduce my dresser ...

She has been with us for a couple of years, brought from Ebay for a steal of course.
She's big, practical (you can only imagine the junk hid away inside!) but not very pretty.

I have been wanting to give her a makeover for sometime. I kept putting it off knowing it would be a big job.
But now I've finally done it...




.... aahhhhh .... that's better!
No more ginger varnish, no more faux metal handles!
Still as big and practical but pretty to boot!
What do you think?

It was a bit of a team effort, I had roped my reluctant Husband in to dismantle her and lay the sheets down for painting.
(I promised him a lie in, in return for his services.)

Using Annie Sloan Old White, I gave her two coats, then my Husband offered to take the top to the workshop and sand off all the gingery varnish! Who am I to refuse such an offer?!?
He returned home a few hours later with not only a beautifully buffed and waxed top but 6 little draw knobs too. (Do you think I owe him another lie in now?)

After spending what seemed like an age waxing the paint work (I wish he offered to do that too!).
She was finished and ready to be reassembled.

Pleased as punch with the results.

Thanks for reading ladies.

Love Katie



  1. So much nicer Katie.
    You and your husband have done a great job.
    I bet all your pretty pieces of china look so much nicer against the white.
    Well done x

  2. Oh wow, this looks luverly Katie...I am desperate to get my hands on a shabby old dresser and search Ebay for one did so well. I think it makes all your pretty crockery stand out so much better....jealous? much? :o) xxx

  3. Beautiful! It must be very satisfying to know that you did it all by yourselves!
    Enjoy the new week! :)

  4. It looks like a different dresser - one that cost hundreds of pounds! I've not used AS paint, is it any good? I usually use Farrow and Ball but I've heard you don't need to prep for AS, is that right? It's always hard getting started, isn't it? You did a great job. XX

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Katie! And she looks so pretty with all your lovely bit and bobs on!
    Victoria xx

  6. It's very beautiful you clever thing and so much hard work! x

  7. Absolutely beautiful ... what a transformation! I absolutely love Annie Sloan paint, no faffing about!


  8. Gorgeous! I hope to do something similar to ours (a charity shop find being delivered today!), it looks so gorgeous. Don't s'pose your hubby fancies sanding mine too :) x

  9. That might just be my favourite of your posts!! that looks brilliant hun! you should be very proud xx

  10. What a transformation it looks lovely!
    Sarah x

  11. Oooooowh wow-wee! Absolutely gorgeous Katie! Well done you guys!! Love RM xx

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  13. I love it Katie, and would love one of my own, I used to have a small one but gave it away (what was I thinking) I have two bedside tables that are screaming out for a make over, may just have to get me some Annie Sloan and get to work.
    xox Sandi

  14. Gorgeous dresser, I dream of owning a dresser one day. I love the detailing and your treasures look lovely on display xxx

  15. Wow, your dresser is gorgeous. Best wishes, Pj x

  16. i just notised u r from norfolk, i live in King`s lynn =)

  17. What a beautiful dresser, I'd love to have a big kitchen to have one of those.