Friday, 17 August 2012

Lavender - ing ....

Last Sunday I spend most of the day soaking up the sunshine in the garden.
Exactly that's very rare for me indeed as the sun and I are lifelong enemies. But for one day we called a truce, he would not burn me and I would not shake my fist with rage at him.

I was desperate to get in the garden and "harvest" my Lavender.
All year I wait for the sweet scent wafting in the window and as soon as I smell it I get out there and snip it all off! (leaving some for the bees of course.)

Usually after each harvest I bunch it up and hang it all over the house to dry, but this year I had other plans.
I had pinched a book from my Mum, Garlands, Circles and Decorative Wreaths.
Such a wonderful book with lots of lovely ideas for decorations to make with goodies from the garden.
She had already bookmarked the lavender pages and I was drawn to the pretty Lavender wreaths.

So last Sunday this is what I did. I sat outside (slathered in factor 50) by my Lavender bush, trimming off the stems as I needed them. The book called for dried lavender, but to me that sounded too messy and I wanted the stems to curve around the wreath and I went. So I figured the fresher the better.
The lavender could dry once "wreathed" and I would be spared the job of cleaning up all the dropped flowers.

I survived the sun, made one large wreath that now hangs in my bathroom and two small one to dot elsewhere around the house. When the lavender is "passed best" next year I will take it off and wide some fresh stems on.

I felt very content "wreathing" my lavender in the garden.
What do you do with yours?

Happy weekend Ladies!

Love Katie



  1. Wow, the smell must be amazing! I love lavender and your wreath looks great!
    Have a nice weekend! :)

  2. I bet your bathroom smells divine!! I love the smell of lavender, so relaxing! I would love to make something like your beautiful wreath for our house, fab idea!!
    Happy weekend RM xx

  3. Hi, my name is Maria and I discovered your blog today! It's all beautiful here, I love lavender, many many compliments for your ideas!!!

  4. Beautiful Lavender. The wreath is amazing I love it.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Ooh that wreath is absolutely beautiful Katie!
    Victoria xx

  6. What a pretty lavender wreath..I bet it smells absolutely lovely! You did a great job on it. I just bought some lavender plants this year for my garden, but they are still rather on the small size. Hopefully next year I will be able to get more of a harvest from then though...
    Enjoy the sunshine!
    Magie x

  7. Gorgeous wreath! I love the smell of lavender. Best wishes, Pj x

  8. The wreath looks gorgeous, I have loads of lavender and would never have thought of doing anything like that with it. Did you put it onto a frame or just tie the stems in together?

  9. It's lovely, and must smell so good too, worth calling the truce for! x

  10. hey! thanks for visiting, The Ritz was everything i dreamed it would be! cant wait to blog about it!
    ps....i love lavender but Mr D says it reminds me of old ladies and i'm only 40 haha