Monday, 30 July 2012

The 2nd sculpture

You may have read my post about the workshop I went to with Dad if not you can read it here.

I had got the Paverpol bug, after attending the workshop and having such a great time.
So I brought some to take home and make some more
and here is what I've done so far.

(She lives on the bookshelf, but the pictures kept coming out to dark so she's posing on the cupboard for now.)

She is made in the same bronze colour as my first attempt.
For her gown I used part of an old cotton duvet cover that had some pretty embroidery along the edge.
(this doesn't seem to show up to well in the pictures.)

Her nightie was made from an off cut of broderie anglaise and her hair was wool off cuts.

She was quiet a lot fiddlier than my first attempt, because she's sitting and it was difficult to get the fabric to hang right and stay in place.

But I got there in the end.

She was given a second coat of bronze to brighten her up and viola!

Shelley had asked me to post a final picture of the first attempt once she was totally finished.
Again my photo is awful, but here she is. She lives in the bathroom. The colour finish is hard to see here, but she is the same as the figure above.

Thanks for dropping by.

Love Katie


Friday, 27 July 2012

One Sunny Saturday ....

One sunny Saturday Katie and Charlie went on a picnic to Felbrigg Hall.
Felbrigg Hall was one of Katie's favourite National Trust houses.

Togged up in shorts, sun hat and copious amount of sun cream, Charlie gallivanted around the gardens.
He chased chickens, raked grass, hid in the willow tunnel and took his favourite cars for a ride in a wheel barrow.

After having so much fun, Charlie was exhausted. 
"An ice-cream would do the trick", Katie thought.

He licked, slurped and dropped his ice-cream but above all Charlie enjoyed it.

In the car, Charlie slept and awoke in a strange place.
His expression was curious and anxious.

But this place wasn't scary.
They'd arrived at a new home.

But whose home was this to be?

His face relaxed and anxiety melted away as he was greeted by a friendly face.

His Auntie Tina.

The End.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Brightening up wash day ....

Well as the weather hasn't been on our side, I had to find another way to brighten up wash day...

I have been in need of a new peg bag for ages.
My ugly plastic thing made me cringe every time I hung it on the line.

I was making this Cath Kidston bag using the free kit in "Sew" when I unexpectedly acquired two free Cath Kidston handbags! Did I never tell you about that?!? How jammy am I, I couldn't believe my luck!
Any way, that meant this one was sort of surplus to requirement, so I decided it would be my new peg bag.

The entire bag was hand sewn, including buttonholes and every thing.

Because the handle fastens with buttons, I can undo one and fasten it over the washing line or wear the bag so all my pegs are to hand.

And of course, once I had my new peg bag, the ghastly plastic pegs had to go and have since been replaced by nice wooden ones (cheap as chips in the £1 shop!)

Well after I had a pretty home for my pegs that went rather well with my floral laundry basket (perhaps I show you that another time) I turned my attention to the ironing board.

I snapped up this cute cover in Matalan for the bargain price of £3 , well actually I didn't even pay that as I had a voucher code for 30% off!

So the weather can do what it wants, because my florals will brighten up wash day!

I'll leave you with another little drawstring bag I made to go in the bathroom.

They are so easy to make and so useful for storage. I can't get enough.
Also hanging in my bathroom is my "new" vintage summer dressing gown - £3.50 at the charity shop. :-)

How are you brightening up wash day?!?!

Lots of Love



Saturday, 21 July 2012

All Things British swap goodies

A little while back I join in The All Things British swap hosted by lovely Laalaa.

I was really excited about this swap, I loved the theme and had lots of fun thinking of ideas for the swap parcel.

I was paired up with the equally lovely Sue at The Krafty Cupcake.
I have admired Sue's blog for a long time, so was really thrilled to be her partner. 
She makes the most gorgeous cupcakes and goodies. You will always find something wonderful to read there!

Any way, here are the goodies I sent to Sue.

An embroidered London Bus heart
A little Beach hut bag charm and "Poppyland" box
Tower of London cup candle (I'll tell you more about this one, another time)
Embossed crown gift card
(all made by me)


A "British Pride" mug
Mini Cath Kidston "royal stanley" tote bag
London socks
£50 note tissues
Champions sweeties and Tunnock's Teacakes


I was spoilt rotten by Sue.

She had put so much time, thought and effort in to all my lovely gifts and I can't thank her enough.

Every little parcel was wrapped beautifully with red, white and blue tissue paper and adorned with oddles of coordinating organza ribbon.

This is what I received...

A Gorgeous handmade card
cross-stitched needle case
wonderful patchwork pincushion
Union Jack socks
sea and sand Yankie candle (this made the whole parcel smell heavenly!)
the sweetest little egg cup
Union Jack mug
London Bus necklace
London themed fabric
British icon stampers
London biscuit tin filled with shortbread (no longer exists! was gorgeous!)
Sherbet Lemons
Union Jack cupcake cases and coordinating sprinkles!
Beautiful papers and British themed die-cuts.

You see?!? I was totally spoilt!

Every time I thought I'd reached the bottom of the box there was another little parcel hidden inside.
It made my day.

At the end of the month, my little sister and I are going visiting in London. My sister-in-law has kindly agreed to put us up and we're really excited about seeing the sights.
I have never really been to London (only on a school trip to the Science museum and with college to a beauty show at Excel) so I will need her to look after me and ensure I don't get lost.

So ... to receive all these lovely London themed gifts from Sue, has made it even more exciting!

Thank you all for reading and Thank you Sue and Laalaa.

Lots of Love



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Calling all "Jar of Love" Swappers !!!

Good evening Ladies.

Just a quick post to remind anyone taking part in the Jar of Love swap that the post date is a few weeks away.

I hope you're all getting on well, can't wait to see your pictures.

If you would like to enter the Competition linked to the swap, please remember to email me before 1st August. You just need to let me know how many DIFFERENT items you have squeezed in your jar. there will be a prize for the person with the most goodies sent!

If I don't receive an email from you, you won't be entered.

I will post with a list of entrants after 1st August and announce the winner. 

My email address is:

So if you haven't already, contact your partner, get their address details and get counting your goodies!!!

I also want to apologise for my lack of blogging activity this last few weeks. Life is a bit hectic, but I promise I've not forgotten about you!!! I'll be back on top soon.

Lots of Love



Saturday, 7 July 2012

Simple Sewing

This week I've been enjoyed spending the evenings with needle and thread, happily stitching away.
Now although I have and know how to work a sewing machine, I don't find it relaxing like I do hand sewing.

So all sewing this week had been by hand, and numerous needle pricks and sore thumbs later this is the outcome.

A little CK purse using the kit from "Stitch", it's now the home for loose embroidery threads in one of my many sewing boxes.
Isn't my little Beatrix Potter pin cushion sweet? She was a Charity shop bargain, there is a flap that opens on the front to reveal the needle holder, with Beatrix storybook pictures on each page! Cute!

I've been meaning to whip up some drawstring bags for some of Charlie's small toys. I made both of these bags from one old pillowslip. I used the Chicken embroidery off a tea towel which I loved, that my dog ripped a hole in and an appliqued panel for the other from old cotton scraps.

Thanks for dropping in, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Put your feet up and enjoy some Oat and Raisin cookies with me.

Love Katie xxx

Monday, 2 July 2012

In the Hoop

I've been experimenting with some embroidery this week. 

Perhaps should have ironed this piece first!

I don't have plans for either yet, any ideas?

Love Katie