Saturday, 7 July 2012

Simple Sewing

This week I've been enjoyed spending the evenings with needle and thread, happily stitching away.
Now although I have and know how to work a sewing machine, I don't find it relaxing like I do hand sewing.

So all sewing this week had been by hand, and numerous needle pricks and sore thumbs later this is the outcome.

A little CK purse using the kit from "Stitch", it's now the home for loose embroidery threads in one of my many sewing boxes.
Isn't my little Beatrix Potter pin cushion sweet? She was a Charity shop bargain, there is a flap that opens on the front to reveal the needle holder, with Beatrix storybook pictures on each page! Cute!

I've been meaning to whip up some drawstring bags for some of Charlie's small toys. I made both of these bags from one old pillowslip. I used the Chicken embroidery off a tea towel which I loved, that my dog ripped a hole in and an appliqued panel for the other from old cotton scraps.

Thanks for dropping in, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Put your feet up and enjoy some Oat and Raisin cookies with me.

Love Katie xxx


  1. OOh yes, I'd love one please Katie, put the kettle on!
    Loving your ideas for the bags, I could do with one like that myself.

  2. Yes your Beatrix Potter pin cushion is very cute :) I love the chicken, you are clever. xx

  3. Love the little purse and your Beatrix potter pin cushion!
    Victoria xx

  4. I love how you've decorated the bags :)
    Helen x

  5. Lovely bags
    Yummy cookies
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Your pin cushion is really cute!
    I would love to put my feet up and have one (or two?) cookies with you. :)

  7. Lovely sewing - love the chicken applique, very cute!

    Yummy cookies - save a few for me ;)

    Estelle xx

  8. I also enjoy sewing by hand, much more relaxing!
    Lovely bags...
    Cookies look delicious too!
    Have a happy Sunday...
    Maria x

  9. Ooh such pretty things, love your bags and your cookies sound both delicious and healthy, well oats and fruit are good for you!

    I'm settling down for an evening of hand sewing in a while, got a bag that needs embellishing and also poppers to keep it closed (yes I have been using it already - no patience me!)

    Rae xxx

  10. I love the bags, just the thing to keep all the toys in one place.

  11. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I´m always happy meeting new people! I love your blog! Your bags are great,you have inspired me making something like that too! With a little boy in the house you have a lot of things to store away!
    Have a happy weekend! xxxBarbina

  12. The bags are lovely, such a great idea and they look so smart too. Scrummy oat and raison cookies - very mouth-watering. Hope you have a good week.

  13. Hi Katie - sorry to bother you, but my Jar Swap is almost ready to go, and I haven't managed to obtain my partner's postal details. X

  14. Ohh Ohh Hi my dear friend Katie, I am very happy that you have visited my blog.. Thank you very much for your visiting and also your sweet comment for my blog post..:))
    You have a very nice blog and you like handmades just like me..:)) So good.. I am your newest follower.. And I will foloow your very beautiful blog more closer..:))
    Nice to meet you...
    Happy weekend and all best wishes...:))