Monday, 23 July 2012

Brightening up wash day ....

Well as the weather hasn't been on our side, I had to find another way to brighten up wash day...

I have been in need of a new peg bag for ages.
My ugly plastic thing made me cringe every time I hung it on the line.

I was making this Cath Kidston bag using the free kit in "Sew" when I unexpectedly acquired two free Cath Kidston handbags! Did I never tell you about that?!? How jammy am I, I couldn't believe my luck!
Any way, that meant this one was sort of surplus to requirement, so I decided it would be my new peg bag.

The entire bag was hand sewn, including buttonholes and every thing.

Because the handle fastens with buttons, I can undo one and fasten it over the washing line or wear the bag so all my pegs are to hand.

And of course, once I had my new peg bag, the ghastly plastic pegs had to go and have since been replaced by nice wooden ones (cheap as chips in the £1 shop!)

Well after I had a pretty home for my pegs that went rather well with my floral laundry basket (perhaps I show you that another time) I turned my attention to the ironing board.

I snapped up this cute cover in Matalan for the bargain price of £3 , well actually I didn't even pay that as I had a voucher code for 30% off!

So the weather can do what it wants, because my florals will brighten up wash day!

I'll leave you with another little drawstring bag I made to go in the bathroom.

They are so easy to make and so useful for storage. I can't get enough.
Also hanging in my bathroom is my "new" vintage summer dressing gown - £3.50 at the charity shop. :-)

How are you brightening up wash day?!?!

Lots of Love




  1. I was wondering about a new peg bag too mmmmm.....!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hello Katie, you've made a really good job of that bag! Lovely pictures ...

    Claire xxx

  3. Hi Katie.
    How luck you were to get two free bags! :D
    You had an awesome idea. Here it is a good washing day and to make it fun, I am getting little one to help me. Well, at least for now he thinks it is fun. ha! ;)

  4. Just thought I would pop by and visit, while I had the chance...been so busy before the little one arrives (not long to go!)
    That is/makes a lovely peg bag..what a fab idea! Love the pretty dressing gown as well, what a great price..
    Have a lovely day today x

  5. Very nice!!! I always enjoy your creativity!!

  6. A fab idea Katie!
    Looks so pretty..
    The sun shine is actually brightening my wash day to day,as I am actually able to pop it on the line! haha..
    Have a week of fun things..
    Love Maria x

  7. Now you have made me feel guilty, my poor peg bag is so faded you can't see the pattern any more. Must make a new one.

  8. Jammy? More like a full cream tea! ;-) TWO CK bags? Jealous!

    Your peg bag is fabulous, so pretty


  9. What a cute peg bag :) Although wooden pegs are prettier, I do find the garish plastic ones more practical!

  10. Hi Katie - having 3 little darlings I must do 2 loads a day minimum, so I need all the prettyness I can! I've contacted Crafty Mum for a third time to try and exchange details. I'm wondering if she has possibly changed her mind about the swap? Please don't worry about it, I understand how stressful organising a swap can be. Helen X