Friday, 23 March 2012

Stinky Little Owls ...

This week I have mostly been....

 ... Crocheting!

These little stinkers have kept me busy. I filled each owl with toy stuffing and a little lavendar filled pouch. I really love them. aren't they tweet sweet?

My husband may panic when he sees these little baby shoes. They are not for me! I started by making one little pair for a friend that's expecting, but they were so much fun to do that I went ahead and made more (I think there still might be more in me yet!) 

I'm considering making more of these, to create a garland?

This bag was a make from last week. It was really quick to do and I'm happy with the way it's turned out.

Finally, I found these little linen hankies in a charity shop a while back. Why doesn't anyone use hankies anymore? Is it a hygiene issue? I loved them, so they became mine (sat in a draw for a month or two) I then battled to get them out of the pack (there was countless pins holding them in), but now their free, they will be used and loved. 
Until next time... have a lovely weekend.

Katie xxx 


  1. Oooh!!! So many cute makes!!! I think I have to say that the owls are my favourites - I love the colours you've used, and their little button eyes! I also love the little baby shoes!!!

  2. Ahhh! Your owls are so sweet, and the baby shoes too! You must be super-quick at crocheting! Have a a lovely weekend!

  3. Those crochet owls are just adorable..pure cuteness! The garland sounds like a lovely take a photo if/when you make it :)
    Have a great weekend...

  4. Hello Katie...Your crochet is lovely...the owls are so cute and I love the pretty little baby shoes...Crochet garlands are a lovely idea and I definitely think it's time for a handkerchief comeback!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  5. Love your post title! Your owls are so very cute, I wish I could crochet, you are so good at it... I know because I have a darling length of bunting made by you adorning my pretty storage boxes

  6. Whenever I see such a beautiful collectuon of crochet I feel all inspired to teach myself. Again. I would love to be able to do what you can do!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog for the Pot luck hop on saturday.

  7. Love your cutie hooty owls Katie! Lots of lovely things to browse on your blog .....keep up the great work!