Monday, 18 June 2012

Jar of Love Swap partners!!!

Two post in one day!!
I know that's not like me at all... but I couldn't contain my excitement!

Any way, I know the Jar of Love swap was to be open until the end of the month, but I have closed it early. This will give you all a little longer to get your goodies ready to send to your partners.

As you know this is my first time hosting a swap and I'm gobsmacked that 30 people entered!!
So thanks you all so much for joining in and I'm sure well have lots of fun!

With no further ado, the partners are as follows:

Marina & Me

Beki & Me

Phew that was a lot of linking!!!

I hope I haven't missed anyone or made a booboo somewhere.

So ladies, off you go to "meet" your partners.

Parcels are to be sent by end July/Beginning August.

Don't forget to count the number of DIFFERENT items you put in, there will a little surprise for the person who crams in the most different goodies. (so for example, if you put in a bag of buttons that's one, each button does not count! If you put in two pairs of ear rings that's just one too! etc etc etc.)

Please email or comment on this post with your total if you wish to be entered for the surprise.
If I don't hear from you by 1st August your total won't count sorry.

Please check out the original Swap post for more details.

Thanks again Ladies and Enjoy.

Love Katie xxxx


  1. whoop whoop how exciting. eeeeekkkkkk

  2. Yay thanks sweetie looking forward to this! x

  3. OMG!!! This is the best 'pick me up!' news I've had all day!! Thank you so much Katie, can't wait to get started. Good Luck everybody!! Happy Swapping!! Love RM xxx

  4. Looks like I got in there just in time, very happy to be swapping with you, going to have to do a bit of stalking now ;o)

    Beki xxx

  5. Not joining in, KAtie, as I have a very full month with my son and family arriving from New Zealand (whoop whoop!) you can imagine the chaos and noise and .....well, stuff happenin'. But good luck to you all and looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. it reminds me of Brownies (Ooooooh so long ago!) and filling a matchbox competitions.
    Enjoy! And well done Katie for giving it a go.

  6. Yay i'm so pleased to be paired with you Katie! Very excited!! Funny enough I was thinking about the swap last night as i've already chosen my jar! Can't wait to get started now!! Thanks for hosting such a great swap xx

  7. Fun! Fun! Fun!
    Thanks for this great idea Katie!!
    I'll get over to Sandi today to contact her. Obviously great minds think alike I see because I also was thinking about this swap last night. Wierd!

    Amanda :-)

  8. I'm really looking forward to getting started now I'm paired with Rosa Lily soooooooooo excited.... Thanks for hosting Katie WELL DONE.. x Melanie

  9. I hope everyone has a fun time! I look forward to seeing what everyone receives.
    I will try and take part next time if you do a swap..hopefully things will have calmed down a little for me then :)
    Magie x

  10. Thanks for hosting Katie, it is going to be a lot of fun :) Off to check out my partners blog!


  11. Thank-you, I'm excited ... xxx

  12. Wheeee! I am so looking forward to this one! I've popped across to my partner's blog (loving reading her posts) and will email her soon... am on a course at the mo' so am a trifle (muchly!) shattered and having problems stringing a sentence together! Will email you this weekend for a nattery catch-up

    Rae xxx

  13. Such a fab swap, can't wait to see some of the swaps! I'm sorry I couldn't take part this time xxx

  14. looks like fun :o) and such a great idea
    can't wait to see more photo's
    love jooles x