Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Little Lemon

Sometime ago I told you about a friendship cake that was passed on to us.
Well a short while later we received a second one. (That must mean I have at least two friends! hehe)
I loved making the friendship cake and watching it happily bubble away on my windowsill but I didn't want to pass on a second cake, so I kept it all to myself!

The first time around I made the cake with apples, sultanas and spice.

This time I made one batch of Strawberry and white chocolate muffins (with yummy homemade jam). Then the rest went into lemon muffins and a little lemon cake.

I had my little helper ready to do some serious mixing (and spatula licking)

Share the love and share the cake, that's my motto.

Love Katie xxx


  1. I haven't made lemon cake for ages - it will have to be next on my list! They look delicious!

  2. oooooo looks yumma

  3. I really enjoy baking and my family and friends really enjoy eating my cakes too but I rarely get the time during the school year I have to wait until holidays tch!

    thats the best of the bowl out!!!

  4. Your little helper looks ver professional, hope he enjoyed licking out the bowl! I was fascinated with this cake last time you made it. It seems to be so versatile. I will have to try it.
    Sarah x

  5. Hi sweet Katie, Your cakes look yummy and your little helper is so cute! It is such fun to bake together and sharing is one the best things in life! I love your motto! Have a beautiful week sweetie! xo~Paula

  6. Your cake looks seriously yummy. So good to have a little helper! M x

  7. I've not heard of the friendship cake before, this sure does look yummy! xxx

  8. So sweet - my not so little boy has always loved to spend time with me in the kitchen, especially when there is a bowl to lick out! Best wishes, Pj x