Friday, 18 May 2012

From Shabby to Chic #2

I've been at it again ...

This time my bathroom mirror

and this book unit were the victims of my paint brush.

I've had the mirror for years and never really liked it, my husband brought it when he broke my favourite one! The book unit I brought recently, £5.50 off eBay (surprise surprise!)

Here they are now...

The mirror has been painted with a satin finish cream paint.

I've heard a lot about Annie Sloan's Chalk paint recently, so whilst my husband was enjoying his fishing holiday last week in Suffolk, I discovered there was a stockist nearby so sent him on an errand. (No Stockists in Norfolk!)

I used Old White to paint the book unit, I'm not really sure if I like this paint, I found it a little difficult to apply neatly and I think it's going to chip off easily.
Any body else used this paint?
What do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend,
Love Katie


  1. They both look fab i've yet to try out the annie sloan paint so can't comment on what its like :~

  2. I think they look great. I've used the paint once - on a small (Ikea type) set of drawers. Of course I loved the way you didn't have to prep the item you were painting but I know what you mean about applying it. After I lightly sanded it, it was fine. No chipping issues I'm pleased to report. xx

  3. I love both the mirror and the bookcase, amazing what a lick of paint in a different colour can do.

  4. I just ADORE your projects!! Lovely, both pieces! I've never heard of the paint, but I sure hope it holds up for you. Great bargain on the bookcase.
    Have a great day!

  5. THese look awesome! I just adore a great transformation! Thanks so much for joining in the under 300 follower hop! I am your newest follower~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  6. Good for you sweet Katie! I love the new makeovers! They both look so pretty! I am especially fond of that book unit! I hope the paint will keep on well. Have a lovely weekend sweetie! xo~Paula

  7. I love your make overs. I have only use her wax. I bought a bench from a furniture restorer last year and asked him what paint he had used. I thought it was F&B but it was a paint from the ones they mix up for you. It might be worth you looking into this too.

  8. They both look great! Hope the paint stays on well, I have never used it myself so fingers crossed for you xx

  9. Great results! Love seeing these makeovers xxx

  10. Fab results, the bookcase thingy is an amazing transformation

    I'd often wondered about the chalk paint, it sounds like a bit of a pain, I'll steer clear of it when (if!) I get around to painting my coffee table, think I'll go for egg shell

  11. What great makeovers..amazing how a nice coat of paint can really transform something. I have also heard about the chalk paint, but have never tried it myself. I have painted some shelves etc in the Farrow and Ball paints and have found they work out well. I also have used the Dulux cupboard paint on things that need the odd wipe down (it works out really good).
    Happy Painting!
    Magie x

  12. Hi Katie thanks for stopping by my blog (depthoffielduk) and saying hi, i love the book unit what a transformation, i'm tempted to try some Annie Sloan paints for a couple of projects i just need to find my nearest stockist first!!! have a great week x

  13. Hello lovely Katie, Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I look forward to seeing your crochet tiebacks! I am so excited for you! I know you will have fun and sell all your pretties at the upcoming Fair! Don't be nervous, you will do fine and people will love you and your creations! You are so sweet, creative and talented! I look forward to hearing all about it! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend dearest! Love, Paula xo

  14. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for popping over my blog and entering the giveaway. And specially for becoming a follower. I am following your blog to. You have a sweet place here. :)
    Nice to meet you, hun.

  15. Wow, they both look great but I'm especially in love with the book unit!

  16. Beautiful aren't you clever, I'm sure you must have a beautiful home. Thank you for following me. xx

  17. Hello! Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine! I also tried to use the Annie Sloan paint in the garden when it was hot and sunny.(Remember that... last week?) I agree, it dried as I was putting it on so I gave instructions to my old man to bring it inside for me! It does dry fast anyway I think, but not as fast when it's cooler.
    I'd give it another go though, I like the no prep thing, that appeals to me big time!
    Will be catching up on your blog now I've found you!

  18. Love your pieces ... Annie Sloan paint is my new discovery, and as long as you apply their soft wax on top (that seals the paint) and it can be used inside and out.