Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rag rug and tiny tassles!

I made it my new years resolution to tidy out my craft room and make use of all the things that have hung around for just too long! This post shows just a few things I've managed to do whilst "using up".

 I've had this box of tiny pieces of wool, left over from a latch hook rug kit. It's hung around for longer than I care to remember and needed to go. So I turned them in to tiny tassles of all different colours that can now be used on cards, gift wrapping and adoring other projects.

I am rather pleased with this little rug, I started it aged ago and it's been in a huge tub in the craft room unfinished. It's been out, it's been unpicked and re-done and I love it. It's so nice to finally have it finished. It's going to sit near my front door (which doesn't get used, so it won't get trampled on!) Hehe, kind of defeats the purpose of a door mat?

 I backed the mat with some hardy vintage cotton, which had to be floral of course.

 I've also been snipping, stacking and sticking to make these greetings cards from decoupage papers I've been hoarding. They will soon be on their way to their new owners.

Finally I'll leave you with a few purchases I've made, (I know I know, I'm ment to be clearing out!)

This lovely floral fabric jumped out at me in the charity shop, it was a total bargain and there's loads of it. I had to have it....

and this pretty little iron will make a great paper weight. Foolishly I brought it in the first shop I went to yesterday and had to carry it around the town while I nipped from shop to shop. It's surprising heavy!

Thanks for dropping in and taking time to read my rambling!

Love Katie xxx


  1. Lovely makes, the tassels are genius!

    I never seem to find anything as good as those bits in charit shops, very jealous of your purchases.

    Nicki x

  2. It must be really satisfying to start using up all those bits and bobs - I need to do the same! You've made some lovely things!
    Maria x

  3. Thank you for visiting and following my blog, I am now following your lovely blog - that rug is beautiful! Thanks also for entering my giveaway and for displaying my button - you have 2 entries in the draw, good luck! Lovely to meet you too x

  4. Lovely makes's such a good feeling to use up your stash bits and pieces and make something useful and pretty, isn't it?...and lovely finds too!
    Susan x