Friday, 13 January 2012

Rug update ...

 Firstly I wanted to share with you the gingerbread Charlie (and I) decorated. He received it as a Christmas pressie from his auntie Bec. I had to stick the chocolate drops on quickly, once Charlie realised they were edible they kept disappearing!

 Do you think the boys like the rug?

Keeping to my new years resolution, I've been pottering about in the craft room "using up". I've made some gift boxes out of old Christmas and birthday cards, a few decoupage owl cards which are yet to be finished and messed about with some shrink plastic and turned the finished pieces into Easter Dec's.

I'll be back soon with a "proper" post. I've been teaching myself to crochet this week. Too embarrassed to upload any pics yet! There are bits I still need to get the hang of, but watch this space.

Back soon

Katie xx


  1. I really want to have a play with that shrinky paper stuff!!

    Great that you're learning crochet - another addict to join the club!

    Nicki xx

  2. Ahh Charlie looks very happy with his gingerbread man!
    well done on the crochet front, i only learnt last year and believe me when i say that it is addictive :o)
    love jooles x