Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Birthdays, Bargains and a Ta-Dah!

No, not my Birthday yet I'm afraid.
My Mum's. I made her some yummy (albeit abit GIANT) butterfly cakes.

Didn't you just used to love these as a kid? I don't have enough butterfly cakes in my life I've decided.
I must change that.

I had a play around with some gift wrapping ideas too, here I've used brown paper, garden twine and ...
wallpaper border!
I used a paper punch to cut circles out of the wallpaper and mounted them on scalloped discs (also cut with a paper punch) to make coordinating gift tags.

Not bad huh?! What do you think?


Today I have had a (very) rare Charlie free day.
I popped into town and some how ended up in a Charity shop (!?!?) ;-)

Where I found this pretty vintage dress. It was initially RATHER LARGE even for me.
So I did the good old inside outy, pin me uppy trick then whizzed it through the sewing machine.
Hay Presto! It fits!

I Love it.

Finally for my Ta-Dah!
I did finish my hexie cushion that I mentioned last time.

It ended up being half the size of the original plan.
Put plans are made to be broken.

Thanks for being here.

Lots of Love




  1. Oh your butterfly cakes look delicious. It's been years since I made some, I think you've forced me into the kitchen. Gorgeous wrapping I bet you mum won't want to spoil it by opening her gifts. I love that dress. I'm really impressed with your tailoring skills.
    Ali x

  2. The dress is gorgeous, good buy.
    What do you mean didnt you used to love butterfly cakes? NO used to, still love them!!

  3. ~ Such a cheery post...Kate!
    LOVE your dress very much! I wrapped pressies like this for Christmas and just added Cath kidston Bambi, paper on a panel, on the front...A thrifty tip!!
    I have decided also, their is not enough Butterfly cakes in my life too :) ~ Am off to make some!! hehe..
    Love Maria x

  4. Beautiful dress, what a great find! I always have a good rummage in the charity shops hoping to find a vintage piece but none as yet :-)

  5. Hello Katie, what a beautiful dress, a really lovely find! Loving your cushion too. I wrapped presents in brown paper too, and tied with red and white twine for Chrstmas, and for birthdays I add Cath Kidston stickers, yours are very lovely!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. I love the dress.. What a great find! You did a lovely job on the wrapping.. I like the idea of using wallpaper :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I hope to return to blogging sometime soon x

  7. I love your cushion and what a great idea on how you have wrapped your mums pressies and the cakes look delish xx

  8. Ah the good old inside outy pin me uppy trick... never fails - I made a pair of drainpipe trews from a pair of massively flared ones waaaay back in 1982 (yes well before you were born, so pre-history really!)

    Such pretty wrappings - bet they were greatly appreciated


  9. What a lovely dress Katie ... clever you altering it ... I wouldn't know where to start :) ... Bee xx

  10. lovely, yummy cakes :) Your wrapping is fab too - love brown paper and twine! Well done on altering the dress, you are clever!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  11. Your butterfly cakes look wonderful. Think I will make some, we need something to brighten these dull days!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  12. Yum!!! I LOVE butterfly cakes (though mine never look as good as yours). I'm hungry now!

  13. Yummy looking cakes :) A great find at the charity shop too! Elisabeth xx

  14. That dress is really lovely, I'm glad you could alter it to fit :) Butterfly cakes are my number one bun of choice xxx

  15. Love butterfly cakes.
    The dress is amazing too.

  16. The dress looks gorgeous, Katie! And the butterly cakes look so delicious. What a graet idea to youse wallpaper for gift wrapping.
    I have enough leftovers from our last redecoration. Take care. Lots of love Nicolexxx

  17. Hi Katie,
    Those butterfly cakes look wonderful, it reminded me that it has been a long time since I made any! You are clever been able to get that dress to fit!
    Sarah x

  18. Hello Katie
    Great parcel wrappings and lovely gift tags. Good idea and inspirational!
    Butterfly cakes are yummy but never seem to taste the same here. I think its to do with the cream.
    Loving that cushion too!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  19. What joy I find here today!!! Love those cakes...I must must make those...I have never tried them. Plus your dress is amazing. Happy Valentines week to you...gather up all the love out there.

  20. Hi, just to let you know I have passed over the 'Super Sweet Blogging Award' to you, hope you like it - details on my blog.

    Hope you are well, Estelle xx

  21. Hi Katie,
    I'd like to nominate you for a liebster award...
    the details are here

  22. Lovinn' that dress katie...well done to you! how busy have you been lately???
    bestest daisy j x

  23. That hexie cushion looks really cute! And well done on altering that dress!!

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