Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Post from Lisa ...

Good afternoon ladies, I hope you are all having a good week (and are keeping warm!)
I asked my friend Lisa to write a little blog post for me and she has also kindly given us her fudge recipe too! Enjoy, Love Katie xxxx

Hello everyone, well I promised Katie that I would write a little post about our stocking swap experience, I have never written a blog post before & I tend to write like a speak, I ramble & bounce from point to point which no real structure so please do forgive me. haha 

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the swap, I read a fair amount of crafty blogs & always wanted to participate in the various swaps that are offer because I absolutely looove to make things (when I was young I used to make clothes for my dolls out of tissue lol) so I relish any opportunity to whip out my sewing machine & craft box but unfortunately the swaps are usually only open to people that have blogs themselves & as Katie mentioned I don’t have one, so I was over the moon when I saw that the stocking swap was open to everybody , I couldn’t type fast enough when I asked the Undomesticated Scientist if I could sign up. 

So the day came when I was assigned a partner....cue Katie, I had a little read of her blog for a little insight I was blown away by it, she’s so friendly & the blog so sweet & girly but when I saw the things she makes for her swaps & craft fair etc they were amazing & so professional so while very inspirational for me I just thought ‘wow’ not sure my stuff is really gonna cut it here, but I figured it’s the enjoyment of taking part that counts & she seemed like such a lovely lady that I felt sure she would appreciate the thought  (I was right about her being lovely, she really is) So I got to work generally I really like to make little zippy purses, bags, brooches, key rings etc if I’m making a gift, they’re really quick & simple to do, useful, & always look completely different depending of your fabric & embellishment choices, so after that I thought it would be nice to add a little sweet treat so I decided to make some fudge & some brownies, now I would really love to be able to tell you that I slaved for hours over a hot stove making the fudge but the truth of it is that it’s incredibly simple & wonderfully tasty & you can really make it your own by adding your own flavours, 20-30 mins start to finish put it in a pretty box & impress your friends with your excellent ‘culinary skills’ I’ve added the recipe at Katie’s request got a new iMac for Christmas from Santa... I know spoilt much! So I’ve been trying to find my way around so I had a bit of a play with a the collage programme is why the recipe looks a bit fancy & Delia-esque 
I will add this disclaimer, I take no responsibility for any broken healthy eating New  Year’s  Resolutions this recipe is certainly NOT  healthy its full of butter & sugar but that’s what makes it sooooo good
When I received my box swap box from Katie I was amazed,  I must admit to being naughty, I didn’t wait until Christmas to open my, opened it immediately & I knew it was going to be fabulous because that box she had put everything in was covered in pigs!! Big deal I hear you say but I am obsessed with pigs...I’m a bit weird like that lol 
I won’t go through what Katie sent me as she has already done it in her post, but needless to say I was overwhelmed & so very grateful for all the wonderful things she sent me & the time & effort she put in, so Katie the hugest thank you & biggest hug I send to you! It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you & I feel I have made a new friend

I'm sorry this has been so long ... I told you I was a rambler!

Thank you for reading.

Love Lisa xxx


  1. nom nom nom!! thanks for the fudge Katie and Lisa :)

  2. Wowsers!! Its rife with typos so apologies to anybody that reads it I am educated I promise haha, I guess I should have spent a little more time checking it & less time playing with the collage program lol :o) Hope you enjoy the fudge Laura! :o)

    Thanks again Katie, I had a great time!

  3. That sounds delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe.