Monday, 7 January 2013

Better late than never ... Christmas swaps

I know I know...
Were well into January and I'm only now posting about Christmas.

I have been meaning to share these swap goodies with you.
Like I said ... better late than never.

Firstly, A little Christmas swap with my friend Lynda...

From Lynda:

Goodies Include: Lovely books and magazines, socks, sweet treats, sticky notes, some Cath Kidston goodies, a Hope and Greenwood advent calendar, an awesome Christmassy tea towel, some lovely stitched gifts made by Lynda and lots of bath treats.
All of which were wrapped beautifully in Christmas papers.

(I know, spoilt rotten again, aren't I!?)

This is what I sent to Lynda:

 I made: a little hexie stocking, some felt star decorations, reindeer cake toppers, a toadstool sewing set (scissor fob, needle case and pin cushion), some Christmas spice sugar scrub and a beaded heart decoration.

I also sent: some Yankee candles, a birdy scarf, diary, magazines, mug, labels and tape, Christmas socks, napkins, sweeties, a knitting pattern and ladybird book.

I really enjoyed this swap with Lynda, shes so kind and sweet.

Stocking Swap

Before Christmas I entered a Stocking swap hosted by The Undomesticated Scientist.
This was another great swap. I was paired up with Lisa Wiggins. At the moment, Lisa doesn't have a blog for me to link too (but I'm going to work on that!).
Lisa really is so talented, she makes the most beautiful things, you all really deserve to see the goodies she creates.

This is what I received from Lisa:

She made me: The most wonderful personalised stocking, a cute owl, an awesome card, bath bombs and soap, a russian doll key ring, a brooch, a tree decoration, a drawstring bag and pencil case (in this great Russian doll fabric!) and some homemade brownies and fudges!!!! The best I've ever tasted in fact.
I have asked Lisa to write us a little post with here recipes, so watch this space.
(Like I said, she's very talented isn't she!? And she had been very busy too, making all these wonderful goodies. I am so lucky!) 

I also received: a personalised tree decoration, some Yankee candles and votive, gingerbread men, mulled wine spices, fabrics and buttons, some Cath Kidston and a chocolate orange!

I'm sorry the fudge and brownies did not survive long enough to make it to the photo shoot!
But luckily for you, I did manage to take this picture (before they got scoffed!)

I sent Lisa:

A crocheted stocking, pig, owl and robin tree decoration (all made by me).
Some nuts and chocolates, candles, glitter pens, a Cath Kidston makeup purse, button soaps, an owl hand warmer, handmade card, a dried fruit hanging decoration and some crafting goodies.

I was so disorganised before sending this swap, that I forgot to take a picture.
Thank you Lisa very much for taking this photo and sending it to me!

last but by no means least...

The Advent Swap

This wonderful swap was hosted by Lynda at Hookin with Laalaa.
(unfortunately I can't link to Lynda at this time)
As you may know, this swap included 24 little presents (one for each day of Advent) and one larger present to be opened on Christmas morning).
I had intended to add pictures of the goodies to Flickr. I think I managed to do the first few days, before finding myself "snowed under" with Christmas preparations.
So instead I thought I would do a quick round-up.

I was paired up with the wonderful Judith. Judith is also not a blogger, but with out this swap we never would have met and I'm so glad I have. She also makes the most wonderful things.

To Judith:

I shan't list all the goodies I sent and received, we would be here all week!
I thought I would just give you a little detail about the handmade items I sent.
These Included: Some star decorated (like the ones I sent Lynda), A heart garland and beaded heart decoration, handmade reindeer cake toppers in a handmade envelope and a crocheted lavendar owl.

Whilst thinking about how I would number the parcels (and rummaging about in my "fit to burst" craftroom) I came across some tiny envelopes with matching cards. Just what I needed! I stamped numbers 1 - 25 on the mini envelopes and stamped a different Chrsitmassy image on the inside of each little card and coloured them in. These really remind me of a picture advent calendar we had as kids, I was so pleased with them.

From Judith:

Lucky Lucky me.
Each day I opened a parcel, I was just blown away by Judith's generosity and talent.
Amongst the items I received was:
A magazine, painted dolly pegs, drawer liners, a tea towel, yarns, soap, bath products, candles, diary, a mug.
I also was lucky enough to receive a hand knitted washcloth (by Judith), some of her lovely cross stitch, a wonderful handmade card and (perhaps my favourite thing ever!) a hook roll, made by Judith to hold all my crochet hooks.

All in all, three wonderful swaps. I can't thank Lynda, Lisa and Judith enough for their kindness.

Thank you for reading and well done if you made it to the end!!!

Happy new year.

Love Katie



  1. Wow what wonderful Christmas goodies! So many lovely swaps! xxx

  2. Hi Katie - what fantastic goodies - both given & received! How is that list coming on? XX

  3. What lovely swap gifts, you are all very lucky!

  4. Fabulous goodies, looks like good swaps!

  5. What fab swaps, lovely goodies :)

    Happy New Year! Estelle xx

  6. So many wonderful goodies both sent and received! Love the CK bits and bobs, looks like you were truly spoilt xxx

  7. What amazing swap goodies. I can just about manage to do one at a time. You must be really organized to do so many at Christmas. I'm not surprised the fudge and brownies didn't last long, they look delicious. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x