Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wedding wears

 My husband and I got married last month. I had spent months making bits and pieces for the wedding. Above is one of the two bouquets, fabulous foam roses with pretty pearls and diamantes. This was the first time I came across foam roses... very impressed. As well as the bouquets I made buttons holes for the chaps and corsages for the mummies!
 These favours were crossed stitched front and back. the fronts contained the initials of the receiver and the back  was stitched with our names and the date of the wedding. They toke along time.. but I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
 My dad is amazingly talented, he loves "playing" with wood in his garage and he made these little dishes for us and favours for the male guests at the wedding. He burned in the names and date to make them lovely keep-sakes.
 I ran out of time to stitch more hearts for the children so came up with this idea of little boxes. Each box was stitched with the child's initials ans filled with yummy sweets. They had great fun filling their boxes with confetti and table sprinkles after the reception!
Joe and I spent a couple of evening making the confetti! We punched little shapes out of pretty papers. Alot of effort, but it did look lovely sprinkled over the ground!


  1. Wow! I am mega impressed with all of these. The cross stitch is absolutely perfect and I think probably the nicest favours Ive ever seen and I love that you made your own confetti (Im getting married this year and have done nothing!!) You clearly get your talent from your dad. Those plates are divine! x

  2. Thanks you Pootle for being so kind! Im over the moon that someone likes my makes and blog. Thank you x

  3. Wow - what a lot of effort - so impressed!
    Maria x

  4. I love all the personal crafty details you've made to make your wedding day special. All looks amazing!

    Rhi x

  5. Wow Katie. I love the cross stitch hearts. How many in total did you make? It must have taken ages.

    My husband and I attended a wfriend's wedding and her Mum had cross stitched all everyone's names onto place settings. This was well over 10 years ago and I've still got them. They were beautifully done and I always marvel at how long it must have taken her. Now seeing your hearts, the place settings pale in comparison.

    Madison xxx