Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bargains and Buttons!

Aswell as my addiction to crafts, I have an unhealthy obsession with bargains! I am at my happiest rummaging in the charity and second hand shops.
Yesterday I fed my bargain hunger and picked up some fabulous things. It baffles me that people give this stuff away!
 I now have two beautiful beaded bags, a glorious spotty cardigan, 4 pretty floral plates, a floral scarf, a huge piece of polka dot fabric and a fabric pencil to add to my hoard... all for a snip at £18.50
 What better way to spend a lovely Sunday morning then with your pinny tied, doing some baking?
I filled the house with the glorious smell of ginger and spice, baking these sweet Gingerbread Buttons.
The little mousey pin cushion is for a dear friend for Christmas (you know who you are and must look suprised when you open it!!)
Last but not least for today, I have a photo of the wooden Goblet my father made as a wedding present. The Goblet and two rings around its stem were carved from a single piece of wood. A little scroll was included explaining that toasting each other from the Goblet on your wedding day will bring good luck. Thanks Dad, we love it xxx


  1. absolute and utter total spotty cardy envy! I know that cardigan (joules? Boden?) what a fabulous find!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway - and I can see how lovely my little button looks on your sidebar!
    Pleased to meet you
    fee x

  2. Lovely to meet you! Thank you for emailing me about the cross stitch designs you've been inspired to do from my books, it's great to see what you've been making! I love all your wedding stitching. The carved wooden goblet made by your father is such a wonderful, special gift.
    Helen x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - it's great to know you have used some of my Craft Beautiful projects, would love to see some of them! Loving your bargainous finds too, I agree with Fee, total spotty cardi envy, lucky you! xx
    p.s What a lovely goblet from your dad, how special it must be to you x

  4. hello :) found you through thellers on E British Setsy Team...just doing the rounds looking for British crafty bloggers to follow! :)
    My hubs is a carpenter and so i can appreciate how wonderful that goblet is, he dosent have a lathe due to lack of space, but if he did, this is def the kind of thing he would like to make!

  5. Hi - just to let you know I've given you an award on my blog - if you don't want to do it, no worries - not everyone likes them! :o)
    Maria x

  6. So excited to read that you love rummaging through charity shops! I thought me and my sister were the only ones in our 20's who enjoyed doing that! Love all your finds, I'd be very pleased too :)

    Your father is so talented, that goblet is amazing.

    Rhi x

  7. Your gingerbread button biccies look fabulous!