Friday, 16 November 2012

Doggy draught excluder

This week has been a funny one.
My son has been poorly. He's been off nursery and I've been off work.

A lot of messy nappies have been changed (Charlie's not mine! lol) and a lot of films have been watched.

At the weekend my Husband put up some curtains at the front and back doors, Red ones.
We've been meaning to do it for a while, but once they were up, I felt the doors needed a little "dressing".

I plan to whip up some tiebacks from red gingham to complement the curtains.
Then I thought ... Draught Excluder!

We live in an old house, which is very draughty to say the least.

I love the grey, red, white colour combination.
The red gingham would match the tiebacks, the crocheted collar would match the curtains.

Hay presto!

An old pair of tights and a few buttons later I had myself a draught excluder ...

... and I'm quite pleased with him.

The body and ears were from the legs of the tights and the tail from the gusset!
(I've currently got the waist band on my head, as a hair band!)
I whipped up a little bow for the collar to finish it off.

And that's that.

Curtains + draught excluder = Happy Katie!

I've still got a little "leg" left over, I thought I might make a flower for my new head gear!

Happy weekend, Girlies.

Love Katie


  1. Sorry to hear that Charlie isn't well; I hope that he soon feels better. Love the little details on your draught excluder. I bet Charlie will take a liking to him when he is well again - you might need to make one for him too! Best wishes, Pj x

  2. Aww, love the draught excluder, I made a snake one for my friend's house as it's old too and gets really draughty wihtout one - it's nice to keep the heat of the open fire in !

  3. Hi Katie - hope your little man is on the mend? Love the draught excluder - especially his tail. My mum & nana could crochet but sadly I no longer have them around to help me. I've tried watching you-tube, and have bought the step by step magazines to no avail. Maybe we should get together (if you don't mind a hopeless student)? XX

  4. Useful and cute! He should keep your place nice and cosy :) I made one awhile ago...just a plain ol one, but my dog at the time thought it was just a fun play toy..needless to say it didn't last long :p

    I hope Charlie is feeling better..bless x

    Have a lovely day

  5. Very cute ... we wcould do with a few of them around here ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  6. Aw, he's adorable, lovely! You're so clever, what you can do with a gusset is amazing! I hope Charlie picks up soon, honey and I hope your pesky parcel arrives today. Let me know. Xxx

  7. What a good idea, so cute and practical as well! Does he have a name yet?
    Hope your wee one feels better soon, it's so hard when they're poorly ((hugs)) xx

  8. Aw, hope Charlie is feeling better. Such a cute excluder!
    Victoria xx

  9. Hope your both feeling better soon.
    What a wonderful draught excluder. I can't believe how imaginative you've been in using each bit. A tail made from a gusset :)
    Take care.
    Ali x

  10. How cute?!
    Hope little one feels better soon.

  11. What a great draught excluder. Hope Charlies is now better.
    Sarah x

  12. Hope little one is getting better....we've all been down with some sort of virus here too...dismal...but on mend now.
    Love that draught excluder ....just what I need...its starting to get chilly here.
    I'm off to dig out any old tights.....see what I can concoct. What did you fill him with?
    oh...I've just noticed the red bow.....neat very neat!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. Great make, I'm going to have to give this one a go xxx

  14. Aw, I love your doggy draught excluder - adorable :)

    Hope Charlie is all better by now xxx

  15. Dear Katie, what a cute draught excluder. A great idea and so practical. Nicolexxx

  16. Dear Katie, I am so happy to find you again sweetie! I hope Charlie is feeling much better! Your doggy draught excluder is adorable! So clever of you! Take good care! Love and hugs, Paula xoxo