Sunday, 7 October 2012

Craft Room Re-vamp #2 - Ways with Wallpaper ...

Good morning ladies.
Happy Sunday! I hope you all have lovely, lazy things planned for today.

Here is the second installment of "Craft room re-vamp".

... Ways With Wallpaper ...

A while back I picked up three wallpaper books at my local Scrapbox.
They were super cheap and the papers inside were gorgeous.

For months they were propped up against a wall in my craft room and forgotten about ...

 ... until now! 

As we all know, storage for our crafty goodies is essential, and in my opinion, the prettier the better.
I quickly whipped up these A4 sized envelopes using an old, disassembled envelope as a template.
Simple, right?
They now house various templates and patterns.

I never throw away useful boxes.

I have covered an assortment of shoe and toiletry boxes in some of the papers.
I have an easy peasy method of covering boxes, leaving no folds and ugly bits.

Again, simple as can be.

The largest, sturdiest box is now used to organise some of my ribbons.
Somewhere in "Blogland" I saw this idea for ribbon storage and tried it myself.

All you need do is:
Cover your chosen box,
Punch holes all the way around at regular intervals,
Set an eyelet  in each hole, (to allow the ribbon to flow freely and not snag)
Place your ribbons inside and pull the beginning of each length through a hole.


I also used some papers to line these drawers...

I brought this little pine chest of drawers on Ebay for £1.99.
Gave it a quick lick of AS paint and cut the papers to fit.

Recently I have also used my wall papers to:
Wrap parcels sent in the post (it's really sturdy after all!)
Make little envelopes for handmade cards
(again, using a disassembled envelope in your chosen size as a template)
Cut out shapes to use on Christmas cards!

But, why not try:
Snipping out flowers etc, to use for Decoupage on furniture?
Creating little pouches for handmade goodies?
Covering or creating your own books?
Paper bunting?

Any other ideas, Ladies?!?
I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading my waffle today.

Lots of Love




  1. Ha - I was lucky to receive one of those wallpaper wrapped parcels! I'm loving the ribbon box. Thanks for the idea about my spice jar storage. XX

  2. Thanks for all the good ideas! I like the ribbon storage box..that is very handy..mine at the moment are just all shoved into a plastic bag :P
    Great price on the chest of drawers as well..bargain!
    Have a lovely Sunday x

  3. I love lining drawers with pretty papers, I always think it's a small indulgence to have a lined drawer! Love the ideas and tips here, covering books is always timeless too xxx

  4. I like the idea of using wallpaper to line drawers. I have lots of wallpaper samples (free from local DIY store) and use them on handmade cards and as gift wrapping paper.

  5. Oooh, lovely! You're so clever. I wish I had half of your talents, lovely. xx

  6. These are such great ideas, thank you for sharing them! I am sorting out my crafty stuff (again) this week and am always glad of new ideas for storage :)
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  7. Those boxes look fantastic!!! And I know NEED a ribbon box!!! ;-)

  8. The ribbon box idea is fab. My hundreds of ribbons are in a huge knotty ball in an old hat box! M x

  9. Such pretty ideas Katie!
    and organised too...
    Must admit ours are in a knotty ball in a vintage hat box, so snap, with 'vintage Jane's' comment above! haha...
    have a fun week!
    love Maria x

  10. So very pretty, I love covering boxes but usually get bumps and ridges here and there... any chance of a tutorial? Pretty please?

    Might have to have a go at the ribbon box idea too as mine are a shameful tangle! Rxxx

  11. Your boxes and drawers look great, and so good to be able to put the wallpaper samples to use. Lots of great ideas - will have to look out for some books for myself!