Thursday, 12 April 2012

Buzz the bubbling mess ....

Never owned a Buzz? Well you should!

Buzz is a friendship cake a good friend passed on to me. You receive a little tub of what I suppose is a yeasty starter mix and a set of instructions. You "nurture" and feed Buzz for 10 days. Once he's fully grown you split him into 5 little baby Buzz and pass them onto your friends with a set of instructions.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of my baked Buzz to show you, because frankly ... I ate the lot!
But here is a lovely link where you can get the recipe needed to start your own!

Have fun and spend the love!

Love Katie xxx

P.S I'd love to see pictures, if you do birth a Buzz! 


  1. I had one of those, but mine was called Herman apparently, I had a great time growing him, when it came time to split him my twin nephews got one each and they enjoyed making theirs too

    BTW another swap alert for you...

  2. I tried this once a couple of years ago. The Pro was that it tasted great! The cons were that I'm too impatient and my kitchen is too small. So I probably won't repeat. I'll have to stick to the kind of bread that can rise in two hours and bake in 25 minutes. :-)

  3. Just so you know, the word verification word that I just had to type to leave that last message was "buttside". Seriously? LOL!!!

  4. What a lovely idea. Will need to investigate.

    Madison xxx