Wednesday, 8 February 2012

... These are a few of my favourite things ...

A little "catch up" for you ...

As the title suggests, this post contains some of my favourite things: quiet days, birthdays, makes, pressies, bargains and ...


I've had a day off work today, my little boy was shipped off to nursery and I've had a husband/child/dog free day. To celebrate I pulled my sewing machine off the top shelf in the craft room and made these two cushions. I found this gorgeous dear needlepoint in the charity shop would you believe! With a price tag of £1.50 I had to have it. It had been completed beautifully by someone that had gave it a lot of time and love (obviously not enough love to want to keep it)
I used it as a simple cushion front and backed it with a vintage floral fabric in shades of green.

The black cushion was made using what I think is a napkin. I found it in the charity shop (surprise surprise) for just 25p, I thought it was charming and even more so now its a cushion sitting on my sofa! I backed it with a black and pink polka dot fabric from a previous post (here) and edged it with pink pompom trim. Lovely.


Yesterday was my birthday, I had the best day. My mum made a delicious cake, we went charity shopping and we lost money on the 2p machines in the seafront arcades... hehe.

My Nanny gave me some money and I blew it in the C-shops. Amongst my haul was this sweet teapot.
I love love love it, I don't drink tea and never will but I love it all the same.

I have a bit of a collection of vintage beaded bags. This beauty was a gift from my mum and dad.
The Lacy scarf in this picture was amongst lovely presents from my older sister. It's so dainty and I love it, it goes really well with my new bag!

I was utterly spoilt this birthday, I had candles, soaps, scarfs, a subscription to my favourite magazine, books, this bag, little heart measuring spoons, a one-sy (he he),  yarn and a gps unit from my husband (which we'll use for Geocaching, if you don't know what this is.... then you should - visit here)

Tonight to round off a good day, my parents will be babysitting Little Chips and my husband and I are eating out with friends. I can't wait. I've decided to wear this, which brings me to another of my favourite things.
A pretty top (fresh from the car boot sales). I love it's lacy details and sweet finishing touches.
Teamed with my new scarf and bag of course...

This post ended up being a lot longer than intended, so I'll leave it there and finish with just showing these little crocheted brooches I've been making....

Thanks for dropping by. I hope everyone is keeping warm as the temps. drop.

Love Katie xxx


  1. Just came by your blog today, thought I would say hello :)
    What lovely cushions! I like your idea of turning a needlepoint into a cushion (bargain price as well for the must of taken someone so long to do).
    The crochet brooches are just so pretty..
    A Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! I love your cushion creations and teapot - what great finds. Love your beaded bag too, it is so pretty. Keep warm x

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday!!
    Sounds like a lovely day, and hope your dinner with the hubs was just as perfect.
    I love that deer cushion, you're very clever!!

  4. Happy birthday!! love the bag xx

  5. Well happy belated birthday wishes for yesterday. Love the beaded vintage bag i to collect them and have to many for my own good ;-)) Loving the crochet brooches they are really sweet such pretty shades. Your cushions are fab to really like the pompom trim. Have a lovely evening tonight. dee x

  6. Hi Katie and happy birthday.
    Those cushions you made from found bits are lovely, especially that deer which I think is awesome. He has such a nice face.
    I wish the temps were dropping here in W.Australia, it has been boiling, I can't wait for Winter!
    Thank you for following my blog, I really like yours too so I'm clickety-clicking your follow button now x

  7. happy birthday lovely lady!!
    love all of your goodies and your deer cushion is beautiful
    thank you for you sweet comment
    love jooles x

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fantastic night out!
    Love the beautiful teapot! Oh and I love those brooches they are so cute! xxx

  9. Just popping by to let you know I have awarded you the 'Liebster blog Award' - sorry didn't realise you already had it, hope you will accept it anyway! x

  10. Happy birthday, great to discover you and your lovely blog. Love all your birthday treats, especially that cute teapot. take care, Becca x

  11. Happy (slightly belated ) birthday! You have a lovely blog here - I spotted your list of things you love and found myself nodding at every one!

  12. Like Magi I'm just passing by in the blogosphere. I love all your makes from cakes to crochet. Wonderful.
    Love from Mum

  13. What a beautiful Blog you have! I will drop in more often. Take care Nicole

  14. I love your teapot, it is utterly adorable... I want one!!

  15. Gorgeous vintage bag and I love that stag. It amazes me that someone could put so much love into a piece of needlework and then it ends up in a charity shop. We go Geocaching in Norfolk sometimes - maybe our paths will cross! Best wishes, Pj x